The Retiree graduation class of 01/01/03.

5 years and still going strong!!

The following are old pictures given to me by Jim Christle. I have all the names and will list them at the bottom if anyone is interested. If I miss anyone please let me know....

Lou Nauman,  Arvil Green, Pankesh-PG, Jerry Simms, Larry Vermeland, Les Hancock, Cruz, Al Martens, Tom Williams, Harold Kutzner, Jerry Mendell, Gary Cornwell, Ron Albright, Mark Aleman, Bill Logel

Joe Mulay, John English, Dick Weiss, Howard Valentine, W Schultz, Don Ciesilski, Ed Kubisek, Bill McGowan, Bill Kain, Fred Blasek, Dick Powell, Ron Erickson,  Jim Aud, Jeff Olson, Cherie Schmidt, Bob Hughes, Dick Bailey

Howie Reid, Tim Davis, Gary Eaves, Karl Koschnitske, Stockman, Jerry Skelly, Andy Frumas, Don Western, Perry Casey, Steve Waltz, Larry Flo, Joe Kendall, Dick Stallman,  Unknown girl, Unknown guy, Jim Christle, Kathy Farrell, Dave Chrestensen, Tom Depauw

Shown above is a dapper Clyde Long in his back yard in

The Villages in Florida.

Breakfast May 7th, 2008 at Silver Dollars Restaurant in Yorkville

Bob Penman, newest member, Norm Both!, and Linda Oros

Carol Seibel, Jim Christle, Tom Hawksworth

George Simmons, Janie griffin, Vern Griffin having a laugh together.

Roy Giannotti, Kenny Dachsteiner, Dave Chrestensen

Zella McKittrick, Terry Kimes, & Harold Olson

This is the first graduating class of Cat Aurora in 1960. Some of the 4-year trainees started training in Peoria and moved to Aurora to finish and graduate but pictured are also the 2-year trainees who started in Aurora. Names are added but could be misspelled. Some are forgotten. If anyone knows the correct names - please contact Mark Johnson so we can update the picture.

L to R: Jim Goff, Vertus McNarry, Jim Wallace, Dick Bailey, Ron Lieswceski, Harold Olson, unknown, Tom Trainer, Duane “Jake” Bounty, Jerry Gallager, Lanny Sheffer, Leo Pawlowski, Stan Snokes, Gene Barnett, Harold Brand, Lloyd Schmidt, Lloyd Steffis.

A special thank you to Harold Brand for saving this wonderful piece of our past.

Skip Hushaw, Bob Orland, George Simmons, Curt Simmons, Dick Roberts(hidden), Gary Cornwell, Joe Mrstik

Tony Burton, Tom Anderson, Dave Chrestensen, Roy Gianotti, Bob Hoyle, Glen Pfeiffer

Harold Olson, Bob Penman, Lyle Goff, Tony Burton, Tom Anderson, Dave Chrestensen

Roger Gould, Roy Rosemeyer, Bob Higgins, Norris Gould, Bob Modine

Joe Mrstik, Dick Bailey, Roger Gould, Roy Rosemeyer

Curt Simmons, Dick Roberts, Gary Cornwell, Joe Mrstik

Linda Oros, Gail Thornton, Zella McKittrick, Nancy Mrstik, John Anderson

July 2nd, 2008 breakfast at Silver Dollars Restaurant

Don Jensen

Roy Gianotti, Ken Dachsteiner, Bob Cummins, Elmer Both, Bob Modine, Curt Simmons, George Simmons, Bob Hoyle

Jim Bertram

Ron & Lou Voog

Nyle & Mequeeta Jones, Mark Johnson, Dan & Lu Ryner

Was in Arizona last week and saw Gene Thurow(Purchasing), Nyle Jones(Supplier Quality), and Dan Ryner(Bldg H Stores Control).

Thanks to Leon Mumaw for this oldie but goodie photo!!! Know anyone here?

Carol Seibel, Mel Ruhl, Harold Olson, Bob Penman

Ben Carrell

George & Esther Mann

Gene & Dee Thurow

Lyle Goff, Bob Higgins, Zella McKittrick, Alice Woods, Linda Oros

Bob Hoyle, MIA - Mark Johnson, Gerry Warzon, Skip Hushaw, Dick Muntjanoff, Judy Hushaw, Phyllis Muntjanoff, Mel Ruhl

Greg Harp, Carol Seibel, Annetta Karsten, John Eichorst, John Lewis, Dan Mikelson, Terry Kimes

Linda Oros, Bob Olson, Ron Albright, Terry Bright, Linda Roberts, Dick Roberts, Hank Wimmer

Dave Crestenson, Kathy Farrell, Terry Kimes, Janie Griffin, Vern Griffin, Stan Kazak

Lyle Goff, Connie Pittman, Lloyd Ripper

Mel Ruhl, Linda Roberts, Dick Roberts, Bob Penman, Bob Higgins, John Schaper, Jerry Pennington

Rick Moss, Jim Hague, Joe Reynolds

Old Archived photos

First, let me apologize for some of these pictures. Those of you who had your eyes closed or your mouth open or looked kind of funky, I am sorry I take such bad photos. I’ll try to do better next month!!!!  If I miss a couple names. Help me memory isn’t good anymore... Also Norm & Elmer Both were here but I missed them in the pics-sorry!

Carmen Rivera, Maria Larabee, Ed Meyer

Harry Melick, Al Wolff, Ray Wilson, Norris Gould

John Anderson, Carol Seibel

Bob Skeels, Jim Christle, Mel Ruhl, Bob Higgins

Chuck Ashley and Jim Reece pics

at retirement party 2/20/09 at Luigi’s

Ben Kerr, Gerry Warzon, Omer Horton, Steve Turner, Jack Koteles, Lyle Goff, Harold Olson, Jeff Bliss, Charlie Roys,

Roger Gould, Dick Bailey, Bob Orland, Skip Hushaw

Randy Johnson, Rolland Dixon, Steve Turner

Ed Meyer, Carole Wampler, Mike Clayton

Bob Modine, Dave Chrestensen, Cyndi Albertsen, Cheri Schmidt

Chuck Goering

Roy Gianotti, Bob Cummings, Don Cieselski

Terry Kimes, Phil Blatner, Bob Hoyle

George Durbin, Dirk Skogsberg, Dick Hickey

Don Hirsch

Bill Gerl

Dave Schwartz, Paul Rossaert, Steve Boyce

John Olszewski, Dave Schwartz

Lyle Goff, Dick Roberts, Carol Morello, Mike Morello

Ron Valley, Gerry Warzon, Ben Kerr, Dave Chrestenson, Bob Modine

Phil Blatner, John Eichorst, Rich Leslie, Ken Dachsteiner, Roy Gianotti

Ron Krzywanos, Bill Lynd, Jeff Bliss

Greg Loebbaka, Tom Martin, Don Hirsch

4/1/09 Breakfast

Sorry for the picture quality. I forgot my good camera and had to use my Blackberry phone camera and it just isn’t that good...or at least I don’t know how to use it yet! Also, if names are wrong please let me know..I try my best...

Don Hirsch, John Duffy, Jeff Bliss, Bill Lynd

Sharon Gibes, Rich Gibes, Neal Ament, Ken Thompson

Tom Anderson, Tony Burton

Terry Kimes, Carol Seibel, Greg Harp, Bob Hoyle

Bob Higgins, Sue Burnette, Jeannie St Laurent, Tom Hawksworth, Jill Stargardt

Garry Eaves sent this wonderful old Work Standards photo from the early 1900’s based on those beautiful striped pants, wow!

Front row L to R: Ed Galbreath, Dave Dietzman, Roger Nelson, Roger Marx, Jim Elliot

Back row L to R: Fred Wilcott, Garry Eaves, Charlie Roys, Jim Fiedler, Randy Shook

Bob Skeels, Don Miller, George Durbin, Dick Hickey, Dirk Skogsberg, Steve Boyce

Mel Ruhl, Rollan Dixon, Jim Stewart

Allice Woods, Cheri Schmidt, Cyndi Albertsen, Jim Burkiewicz

Roger Frerich, John Anderson, Ken Stinson, Stan Kazak

Norris Gould, Bob Higgins, Bob Cummings, Dick Muntjanoff

Skip Hushaw, Judy Hushaw, Phyllis Muntjanoff, Ron Valley, Gerry Warzon, Ben Kerr

Bob Modine, Jim Reece, Mike Clayton, Carole Wampler

Jim Reece, Mike Clayton, Carole Wampler

Ken Dachsteiner, Roy Gianotti, Bob Orland, Harold Olson, Ruth Kurtz, Maria Larabee, Roger Gould

Glen Pfeiffer, Ed Meyers, Jean Miller, Mark Miller

Charlie Roys, his wife and grandson, Owen

Terry Kimes, Glen Pfeiffer, Bob Hoyle, Jack koteles, Sue Burnette, Don Shumacher, Tom Hawksworth

3/4/09 breakfast

Rich Leslie, across table Terry Kimes

Ron Valley, Lyle Goff, Mel Ruhl

Ron McMillan, Tony Zanker, Rick Morehouse

Joe Ammer, Ron Krzywanos, Steve Boyce, Brian Cather, Steve Turner

Jack Lane, Omer Horton, Steve Turner

John Anderson, Bob Penman, Bev Robinson, Bob Robinson

Mark Miller, Carole Wampler, Mike Clayton, Ron Stallings

Dave Schwartz, Norris Gould, Ed Meyer, Cherie Schmidt, Cyndi Albertsen, Jim Reese(back)

Ken Dachsteiner, Roy Gianotti, Harold Brand, far end on right is Ron Kropidlowski, Bob Cummings, Dave Chrestensen, Jim Burkiewicz, Jim Christle, Terry Kimes

Tim Schaper, Art Borneman, Gerry Warzon

July 1st, 2009 breakfast

Nov 4, 2009 breakfast

Dec 2, 2009 breakfast

Jan 6, 2010 pics

Bob Skeels, John Anders

Rich Gibes, Roger Gould, end of table-Roy Rosemeyer?? Mel Ruhl, Bob Orland, Skip Hushaw, Dick Muntjanoff???, Judy Hushaw, Phyllis Muntjanoff, Who??, Who??, Charlie Roys

??, George Durbin, Dick Hickey, Dave Schwartz

Tom Rush, Ron Valley, Jack Koteles, John Olszewski, Gerry Warzon, Sue Warzon

Tom Anderson, Lyle Goff, Chuck Ashley

Tom Anderson, Jim Stewart

Tony Zanker, ??, Rick Morehouse

Roy Gianotti, Ken Dachsteiner, Bob Cummings

Bob Orland, Jim Weekly, Bob Higgins, Dave Schwartz, Paul Hagen?, Mel Ruhl, Ben Kerr

Tony Zanker,

Roy Gianotti, Ken Dachsteiner, Bob Cummings, Dick Muntjanoff, Skip Hushaw

Tarry & Carol Adams

John VanPlew, Tom Hawksworth

Carole Wampler, Mike Clayton

Bob Hoyle, Ed Meyers, Gary Forsythe, Len Nelson

Bob Hoyle, Ed Meyer

Skip Hushaw, Dick Meich???, Dick Muntjanoff, Judy Hushaw, Phyllis Muntjanoff

Ben Kerr, Norris Gould, Bob Cummings, Ken Dachsteiner, Roy Gianotti, Harold Brand, Bob Orland, Don Ciesielski, Bill Meyer, Roger Gould, Gerry Warzon, Elmer Both

Dan mikelson, Phyllis Muntjanoff, Judy Hushaw, Dick Muntjanoff,Skip Hushaw, Steve Turner, Don Miller, John Anderson, John Lamboley, Bill Garbelman, George Durbin, Dick Hickey

January 9th, 2009 breakfast

March 2010 pics

Helen Greenrod, Zella McKittrick, Ruth Willman, Al Willman

Sue and Gerry Warzon

Tony Zanker, Rick Morehouse

Chuck Ashley, Mark Johnson(rare photo-thank God!) Bob Hoyle, Don Fayfar(Nancy’s husband), John Eichorst, Bob Higgins, Nyle Jones

Ken Dachsteiner, Bob Cummings, Nancy Mrstic, Joe Mrstic, Allan Willman, Ruth Willman

Roger Gould, Phyllis Muntjanoff, Judy Hushaw, Skip Hushaw, Bob Cummings, Nancy Mrstic, Joe Mrstic

Harold olson, Dick Roberts, Norris Gould, Roger Gould, Ed Meyer, Dick Muntjanoff

Dick Roberts, Ed Meyer, Dick Muntjanoff, Phyllis Muntjanoff, Judy Hushaw, Skip Hushaw, Bob Cummings, Nancy Mrstic, Joe Mrstic

Roy Gianotti, Ken Dachsteiner, Kenn Mandle, Betty White, Helen Greenrod, Bob Hoyle, Zella McKittrick

Norris Gould, Roger Gould, Gil Chambers, Roy Gianotti, Ken Dachsteiner

Lou Lentz, Jack Lockwood, Daryl King

Steve Boyce, John Anderson, Ray Wilson

Tarry Adams, Carol Adams, Jill Stargardt

Lyle Goff, Jim Stewart, Tom Anderson, Chuck Turner

Sept 1, 2010 breakfast pics

Scott Oberg, John Murry          Bill Macdonald, Vern Rebenstorf

Carla (Stirn) Teter

Not Sandy Sartain

Per Tom Teter email

Left to right: Dorwin Larsen, Max Fryrear, Glen Shields, Gene Hnilicka, Ed Moyer, Pat Freide, Ted Hogg, Tim Geier, John Hagerty, Charlie Carr, Joe Tucker, Steve Gill, Jim Hague 

Gene informs me that the picture was taken in December, 1972.