Rick Falato here, husband of retired... "Cat" Nurse....Carol Seibel/Falato.

I'm the founder and band director of the 21 piece Yorkville Big Band. Carol is our " Mrs. of Ceremony" and Dean Potter, also a Cat Retiree, is our male vocalist. 

The band has been together for 17 years. We have made 3 CD's and two  DVD's.


We can be heard almost every Saturday night on FM radio...90.9 FM...."Midwest Ballroom Radio Show,"  which features the local bands in the Chicagoland area. Midwest Ballroom is on every Saturday night from 5 to 7 pm  and is also broadcast worldwide via the Internet.

 I would very much appreciate it if you would put this link...      

                  Yorkville Big Band Website    to the "Cat's Retiree's website.


This coming, May 17, 2009,  is our dance at the new Timber Creek Inn & Suites in Sandwich, IL. The dance is open to the public and the theme of the dance is:  " A Senior Prom for all Ages."  


After this May 17th dance,  we will take a three month break from the dances and will be doing many of the local outdoor concerts.


 Next September, we will be back at Timber Creek Inn & Suites evey 3rd Sunday of each month from September until the end of May, 2010.  This September will be our 18th year of ballroom dancing in the area.


Thank you very much for adding our link to your website.

Yorkville Big Band

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