Oak Ridge Publishing

Larry Ridgley


Of Louisiana Blood

From New Orleans to Shreveport… from the deep woods in Lincoln Parish to the governor’s mansion in Baton Rouge, this story will keep you riveted to the pages as the fast moving plot unfolds. With surprises at every turn, you will not put this one down till the last word is read.

The Dark Side of the Dragon

Martin Maguire is trying to do business with a corrupt branch of the Chinese government, avoid being murdered by the Chinese Secret Police, smoke out a spy in his own company… and figure out what to do about the most sensuous woman he has ever met. A must read!

The Above books retail for $19.95. For Caterpillar retirees, the cost is $16.95 plus $4 shipping and handling for an autographed copy.  Send remittance to Oak Ridge Publishing, 1806 Augustine Dr., Lady Lake, FL  32159.

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