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Mark, We continue helping many of the CAT retirees with there Medicare Supplemental, Long Term Care & Life Insurance concerns. We specialize in these three areas and represent most Insurance companies. As you well know, we are also familiar with the Health Reimbursement Arrangement with Extend Health.  I have personally been working in these three areas of Insurance over the last 25 years. Furthermore, we always welcome the opportunity to work with existing and new CAT retirees. If any of the retirees have concerns or questions, feel free to have them call my direct phone line.


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I will try to give accurate info here in laymen’s terms. I can’t be sure I’m 100% accurate since only a darned lawyer can do that. If anyone sees something that isn’t correct please contact me. Also, some things are different between HMOs, Network, and other options that only you can determine what is best for your situation. Please don’t beat me up over these points - They are only as good as your input to me.

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I’ll comment here in case some don’t understand the reasons I put some of this out in our newsletters. I get many similar questions along this line. I suppose it is partly because for the most part we were well taken care of for many, many years by Cat’s insurance and we always had Connie or Barb to help get us answers. Changing over to managing your own healthcare is bothersome to some and really scary to others. I just switched Ruth over this year and I switch next April. Ruth is lucky to have me and I am lucky to have all of you to help out. My heart breaks for those of you in the doughnut hole or suffering from serious health issues. So far we have dodged that bullet. I probably get 4-5 confidential comments from retirees each week and I do my best to try to help through everyone’s expertise or my knowledge received over time from all of you. So here are my best responses to Gary and to all. Remember that based on retirement date and whether in the UAW contracts this may or may not be the same for you.

For those retiring after about 1991(Weekly & Mgmt) you lost Cat insurance at age 65. Cat supplemented that with up to $3,000 per husband and wife that can be used to buy supplemental insurance that Medicare doesn’t cover. Losing Cat insurance was total-no healthcare, dental, drugs, or eyecare. The $3,000/$6,000 is put into an account with OneExchange(was Extend Health). For the first year you must buy at least one plan through them. It can be healthcare, drugs, dental, OR eyecare. You can then buy other supplemental on the open market that fit your needs or buy all from OneExchange. There are many plans to choose from; some with high deductables and others that cover from day 1. The pricing reflects your choices. You can also skip the supplemental and take the risk that you can pay from the $3,000 as needed. This is a risk and a catastrophic event could have devasting affects. This is your choice to make. If your spouse dies any money in their account is lost. If your spouse needs more money/coverage than you do it is possible to use their balances for your coverage.  As for the accounting side, you must pay for the supplemental out of your own account and then you can have it reimbursed by check or direct deposit back into your bank account. If you pay cash for any coverage you must present a receipt to OneExchange to be reimbursed. One thing I will add is that I had thought I signed Ruth up for auto-reimbursement but that was only to authorize them to deduct from our account. I then had to call OneExchange after I received the first check to set up auto-deposit into our account rather than getting a check every month. So the choice of what risk you want to take is up to you. I think it is safe to say that if you want the same coverage you had using Cat insurance you will spend MUCH MORE than the $3,000. Also, be aware that each year the rates increase based on your age and may increase due to insurance companies’ economics. I hope this gives an overview of the rules and I have covered most areas. I’m certain that our group will guide me if I am wrong or have mis-spoke here. I will also post this out on our website www.catretirees.com for questions later. Remember that Cat stated they can change the amount of the $3,000 at any time. I know that many recent retirees it has been reduced under the $3,000 so don’t plan on Cat ever increasing this amount. I think to summarize this, the best place for answers to questions is to call OneExchange for guidance. I have found them very helpful although they only want to talk with Ruth since I’m not in the system yet. We now have it set so I can talk for her if needed. Good luck and let me know if something g above is incorrect.