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Here is my disclaimer:

I will try to give accurate info here in laymen’s terms. I can’t be sure I’m 100% accurate since only a darnned lawyer can do that. If anyone sees something that isn’t correct please contact me. Also, some things are different between HMOs, Network, and other options that only you can determine what is best for your situation. Please don’t beat me up over these points - They are only as good as your input to me.

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OneExchange/ViaBenefits - Medicare comments

Here’s a big help finding the lowest cost provider of drugs in your area. Really helps! Try it out!!

Below are some people/groups who can help with the supplemental insurance questions after age 65

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Mark, We continue helping many of the CAT retirees with there Medicare Supplemental, Long Term Care & Life Insurance concerns. We specialize in these three areas and represent most Insurance companies. As you well know, we are also familiar with the Health Reimbursement Arrangement with Extend Health.  I have personally been working in these three areas of Insurance over the last 25 years. Furthermore, we always welcome the opportunity to work with existing and new CAT retirees. If any of the retirees have concerns or questions, feel free to have them call my direct phone line.


Joren Kaiser



Direct 630-402-0190

Fax    630-402-0167


fka - OneExchange

fka- Willis Towers Watson

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Bob B’s BLOG

Another retiree just made me realize I haven’t mentioned some info I was promoting 4-5 years ago. Before I reached Medicare age I read info on Medicare and supplemental insurance but really didn’t pay close attention. After all it didn’t affect me yet. When I hit 65 it became much clearer. I should have been paying attention. So, I will try to provide more info for those reaching the magic age can use.

First, if you are already receiving Social Security, Medicare will contact you about 2-3 months before your 65th birthday. Medicare begins with the month you turn 65. That is, if your birthday is March 1st or March 31st your Medicare will begin March 1st. You will lose Cat insurance March 1st unless you are under a contract that keeps you in the Cat insurance. If Cat offers you dollars for supplemental insurance and you accept it, then the rest of this note covers that. Losing Cat insurance means you lose health, dental, eye glasses, etc. With supplemental you must pay individually for each of these. Some of the older retirees were/are being reimbursed for the Part B that is taken out of your Social Security monthly. This is something north of $100 and seems to be increasing each year. The reason I bring that up is that you can submit for reimbursement of this through the supplemental insurance. Many retirees are not aware of this. The current name of the company that Cat hires to handle reimbursements is Via Benefits. Over the last 5 years the company was Extend Health, Towers Watson, One Exchange, and now is Via Benefits although I believe they all were under the umbrella of Towers Watson. A major thing you need to know is that you are REQUIRED to buy one plan through them for the first year but then are free to shop anywhere you want but must submit requests through Via Benefits to be reimbursed. This sometimes becomes an issue and Via has been known to threaten to not reimburse unless you buy from them after the first year. This is due to the fact that Cat is the only company smart enough to put that into the contract for us. All the other major companies are required to buy from Via only. If this ever becomes an issue for you please know that I have the Cat brochure on our website and you may have to re-educate the newer Via personnel. If you buy all through Via Benefits they automatically reimburse. If you buy outside Via then you must request reimbursement. If it is a recurring amount there is a way you request once per year. If the amount varies then you must submit your requests monthly.

I have also highly suggested having a separate checking/debit account for the insurance companies to deduct from and Via to reimburse to. It makes it much easier to monitor and find records if needed. I put $1,000 in as seed money until reimbursements began flowing but you can do whatever you want.

Another source you may want to contact for additional insurance companies if the few that Via has are too expensive. The contact is Joren Kaiser who is in IL and phone numbers are: 630-402-0190 and 630-707-1845. There are many others who provide this service but Joren has been good for many retirees. His father is a Cat retiree from Peoria and he helps him through the mazes we have to jump through. His uncle was Adolph Kaiser(Cat Aurora) and cousins are Carol Morello and Diane Jensen(Cat). He will help if you need it.

Another thing that comes up from time to time is prescriptions. Too many of us need to take them and sometimes the costs are terrible. There are several newer companies/sources that can help and has helped many of our fellow retirees. This is just a few that have come to light and are being used currently. There are probably many more. The first two are GoodRX and SingleCare. Just Google them and sign up for free. These have saved many retirees a lot of money. If these don’t work then try NorthwestPharmacy out of Canada. My wife has a med that costs over $21,000/year using any insurance I have found. We currently get it through Northwest for under $2,200/year. I know many others who have saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars using these sources.

There may be more that I need to add to this and I will as time permits. I will also post this to the website for reference but you may want to print this out and save it.

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